An orchestra is made up of many instruments, and each has an individual sound. It is these sounds coming together that create the combination of instrument voices that we so often associate with classical music.

There are several families of instruments within the orchestra. These are: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

There are two symphonic seasons: Classical and Pops. Many orchestras play classical music during the winter months in a warm and sheltered indoor location, and move the instruments and music outdoors for a summer season.

Not all symphonic composers are classical. Many young musicians compose music for orchestras today. These composers are called "contemporary."

The leader of an orchestra is called the "conductor" or "maestro". The maestro uses his baton to direct the musicians. The maestro may say, "Now the violins play," or "Please play softly," without actually voicing a word. Once the musicians have practiced with the conductor, they almost magically understand the musical "sign language" of his baton.

About Our Orchestra

The Huntington Symphony has been around since the 1930's in various forms, sometimes disbanding for several years, and sometimes forming as the smaller "chamber" orchestra. Some of the musicians who were with the original Huntington Symphony Orchestra through the 1950s still play with us today.

In recent years, the Huntington Symphony has hosted artists from around the world, such as Andreas Klein who is a pianist from Germany. Mr. Klein played Beethoven on a grand piano in Huntington City Hall.

Maestro Kimo FurumotoMaestro Kimo Furumoto is best recognized for his onstage charisma. It's amazing he has any energy left after flying from California, where he teaches university, to West Virginia, where he conducts our orchestra! But regardless of the long layovers and nights on airplanes, Maestro Furumoto is known for his bright demeanor and enthusiastic conducting.

The Huntington Symphony's Picnic with the Pops series draws out thousands of people to the riverfront for outdoors concerts where picnicking is encouraged! For the last pops concert, the HSO has been known to set off fireworks for nearly thirty minutes while patriotic tunes echo over the Ohio River.

The HSO plays Classical Season in historic Keith Albee Performing Arts Center in downtown Huntington.

The HSO presents an average season of six classical and three pops performances, so there is usually something going on within the month. To get more information about HSO concerts, check our Events page, call 304-781-8343 or pick up a schedule at the library.